Thursday, May 17, 2012

Through My Eyes Thursday--The Path

Each Thursday, I will feature a photo that I have taken.  No, I am not trying to promote a business of any sort.  It is just nice to be able to share photos of nature, family, or just things.  

I call this one "The Path".  I feel "The Path to Dreams" is just too much because I like to keep it simple.  I want the person to see the photo and take in the dreamy and enchanted effect.  The path winds between trees, fading in the distance as if it could go on forever.  A bench provides a resting spot to take in the warmth of a Spring day.  

This photo can be symbolic of anything you please.  Maybe it symbolizes a path towards goals you desire to reach?  Maybe it is a path that just seems to go on as life does despite the sharp, sudden curves?   

Use your imagination...take it in.  Really open your eyes, mind, and heart!  Do you feel it is symbolic to you?

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