Monday, May 14, 2012

Memorable Monday

Childhood, teenage years, adulthood---each phase in life is full of memories.  Many are lucky enough to remember things from when they were really young.  I am lucky to remember anything from the past twenty-four hours.  Still, that certain taste or smell or something will trigger a memory.  So, each Monday I have decided to dedicate as "Memorable Monday".

I have lived in this small town since the middle of my eighth grade year.  It is the longest I have ever lived anywhere.  The best memory I have is of Summer 1993 with my best friend at the time who I will just call by her initials, A.J.  A.J. was a very outgoing, determined, and rather pushy person.  Her house was about 3 miles from the school on the "main" stretch of "highway" that ran through this town.  It was a road with hills and curves.  A road some probably would not dare travel by back or walk.  We were teenagers who were daring and active--okay, A.J. was the most daring and active one.  

One hot summer day in June we were sitting around while her parents were at work.  We were bored and we had no vehicles of our own just yet.  But, she did have two bikes!  All we wanted to do was go swimming in the community pool, but were not patient enough to wait for our parents to get home from work.  We began the 3 mile journey to the pool by bike, only having to endure maybe one steep hill.  That was refreshing to our skin that was already blistering from the Texas heat and the sun's cruel rays.  For nearly every single day for two weeks we did this.  Hop on the bikes, endure the hill, swim for half a day, decide we were too tired to ride back, call either her mom or my mom to get us, and the next day started all over again.  After a couple weeks, something major happened to me----that is a story for next week's post :)

Summer 1993--Two weeks of it, I had a real tan, lost who knows how much weight, and looking back, I realize I was in much better shape back then.  Each time I drive down that road and smile at the memories of our determined and young minds.  A memory that I am sure I will treasure forever.

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