Sunday, May 13, 2012

Life 365

At thirty-five years old, I have a forever evolving personality.  Most of it due to growing and learning.  Other times, always ready for a change--depending on my mood.  Yes, I am an indecisive person; however, that is starting to stabilize the older I get.  When it comes to my children and my marriage, I make myself come to a decision even if it takes me a while.  Some are quick to say I am impulsive and I jump to conclusions.  Little do they know how long I ponder and soak in whatever is happening around me.  There is nothing complex about me.  I do tend to keep many thoughts to myself depending on the situation.  If you are an honest person who knows how to be yourself then chances are we will get along.
Depending on the change, I do welcome it with a nervous smile.  Another trait that had to evolve considering at one time change discouraged me.  Now, I live for changes and challenges.  The inability to embrace changes and challenges in the past prevented me from holding a job.  My answer to it was just to simply run away, but with so many other things I have encountered in my life I feel as though I am now a stronger person.  After all, have to deal with changes and challenges in raising children and a marriage.  My mind has grown so accustomed to changes that routine is rather dull to me.  Still, have to find that balance between the two which is the welcoming challenge.
I have set goals for 2012.  I refuse to call them resolutions since those are usually broken.  I understand we are nearly half way through the year, but these are goals I have planned out for the past couple months:
1.  Find a job!  As much as I love being a stay at home mom, I do miss having a job and the interaction with other people.
2.  Keep doing photography no matter how tired I may feel.  I do have another blog dedicated to my photography, but since I have not used that in so long I will just use this one.  For the record, I do not consider myself a professional.  An aspiring amateur has a nice ring to it ;)
3.  Do more things together as a family.  We have before, but I feel we could always do more.  Taking our very first family vacation to Galveston was the biggest accomplishment.  Now, we have a dream of living closer to the coast.  That is a goal for at some point in the future.
4.  Go back to college, major in business, get that degree if I don't get that one job that I really have my eyes on.  I decided if I don't get the job that I really want, then I can always find one that will work around the class hours.  The job I have in my mind does have chances at advancement, although it is full time hours so I will not be able to go back to school.  Either way, I feel this will be a win-win situation.
5. Learn to cook better!  This is a work in progress for the past ten years I have been married.  My husband enjoys the food I cook.  Then again, he eats anything that don't eat him first.  Oh, one food I did succeed on getting him to eat is boneless pork chops!  He used to be anti-chops, but not anymore :)

6. Blog each day even if it may just be ramblings.
I believe that is a good start for now on the goals.  Not too challenging and some positive changes.  If I do not blog every single day, I will like to at least three times a week as time and life permits.

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