Monday, May 21, 2012

Memorable Monday 2

Time for another Monday of memories.  I think I have stared at the screen for about 10 minutes wondering if the part of the brain that holds memories was even working.  Then it finally clicked!  The first memory that came to mind!

At the beginning of our marriage, Justin and I were a little adventurous.  We would took spur of the moment trips to the casinos in Shreveport which is an hour from where we live.  But, that is not the memory.  One Saturday, we were both bored.  This was before we had kids, of course.  Our friends were busy doing other things and we were not in the mood for Shreveport.  We wanted to go for a drive.

Two hour drive was the limit so we first thought about Dallas then decided against it.  We sat in the car for a good fifteen minutes before making up our mind.  Living in east Texas, there are miles and miles of country roads and beautiful scenery.  This was during Spring so everything was green and the flowers were blooming. The day was bright and clear with a beautiful blue sky.  We headed out with the windows roll down and blaring the radio, singing out of tune to our favorite songs.

Our destination...the Texas-Oklahoma border!  In other words, a land of nothing!  Just drive there and back. The only money we had was for gas in the car.  We packed sandwiches, chips, and drinks thinking we might have a picnic somewhere.  The excitement of our first two hour road trip as a married couple clouded any hunger we may have had.

We arrived at the border and pulled to the side of the road.  For only a few minutes, we just looked around.  It was peaceful and hardly any traffic.  As the sun was setting, the temps got cooler and I remember Justin just having his arms around me and holding me close to keep me warm.  Newlyweds still on cloud nine at the border of Texas and Oklahoma without a care in the world.

On the way back home, we almost got lost, but managed to find our way.  After that, we managed to get a couple other getaways before our first child was born.  Now, we just take adventures with our two boys making new memories.

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