Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy List Tuesday


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I am happy that my husband actually got me a card for Mother's Day!  He did make it special with just one card because knowing him, he put a lot of thought into finding that perfect card.  And our sons made me the sweetest cards as well.  I would post photos of the cards, but they are on my cell phone, and I am so technically challenged that I cannot figure out how to get them on here!

I am happy to have such wonderful sisters, and this is for my actual sisters and the ones I consider my sisters by heart.  Either way, they have been my best friends who can speak the hard truth or just help me laugh.  

I am happy that my husband is such a fantastic daddy to our two boys.  From a ride to the start to taking them around the block on their bikes, it always makes me happy he is always finding something for them to do together.  He has helped with taking them to doctor appointments when I was sick, taking our oldest to his Cub Scout meetings so I can finish dinner, and made certain to attend as many school events as possible.

And I am happy that as much as I really don't like our house, at least we do have a home of our own.  There are so many that are struggling to keep their homes or having to live with someone else.  I have walls to hang our photos, we have beds to sleep in, and a stove to cook.  For that, I am grateful and just happy we are able to live here as long as we can. 



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