Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Version of Paradise

The sounds of the waves, beaches that stretch for miles and miles, and delicious local food.  Sounds like paradise, right?  A sweet, tropical getaway may the first that comes to mind.  In reality, the place I am talking about is actually not considered a tropical paradise.  It is a city on the Texas coast.  For those who love the blue waters and white sandy beaches, they may not be able to see the beauty in this place.  However, I can and it is where my heart longs to be.

The place I am talking about is Galveston, Texas....a city that has managed to recover quite well from Hurricane Ike.  It is a city that has such a tremendous historical feel to it.  The beaches, I admit, are not the most perfect due to seaweed, but I have seen workers each morning try their hardest to clean them up.  The water is great and even during Spring break with the rain, drizzle, and temps in the 60s it felt so mild and pleasant.  The Seawall stretches for miles.  Just driving down it with the windows down, hearing the waves, is so relaxing.  And, of course, the Port Bolivar Ferry which is FREE!  We must have went on it about five times.  Watching the cruise ships leave out and all the carriers to the dolphins swimming along the ferry was a memorable experience.  I'm not sure how far the road goes once arriving in Port Bolivar.  I do know we drove about 10 miles in before turning around to head back.  A perfect country side drive!

The food!  Oh my the food was fantastic!  We do not have any tasty local places to eat here.  When I say local, I mean restaurants that are not chains.  Galveston had The Sunflower Bakery & Cafe where we ate for breakfast.  Reasonable prices and the most yummy food.  Even our boys were able to eat their pancakes which were a good size as well.  I highly recommend the omelets were filling yet light.  Fluffy texture with cheese perfectly melted.  My husband and I each had the ham, cheese, onion, bell pepper, and tomato omelet.  The tastes blended perfectly together.  Staff was friendly and quick.  Not like most places who usually seem tired of tourists.  

Another great place is Shrimp N Stuff where I discovered I LOVE popcorn shrimp po boys.  And my husband who is difficult to have a satisfied appetite even was pleasantly full after his catfish sandwich.  My boys said the chicken strips are the best they have ever ate.  I hate to say, but the workers were not the friendliest.  I was able to overlook it since the food left me craving for more.  

For a nice treat, La King Confectionery located on historical The Strand.  So much candy and treats to choose from!  They make their own salt water taffey which I am missing so much.  Many flavors to choose from as well.  I'm guilty of finishing them off within two days of returning home.  I apologize I have no pictures from Shrimp N Stuff and La King---I was too eager for the food and candy :) 

Galveston may not be some tropical paradise to some.  The Gulf may not be considered an ocean to others.  But, the memories of my boys laughing and splashing in the water.  The time we had as a family for 4 days while going to the beach, eating out, and seeing museums (that will be another post) was paradise enough for me.  My heart is still there and we are ready for a trip in June, no matter what!

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