Friday, May 18, 2012

I Confess...Friday


Today's post Friday Confessional is hosted by CrazyMama and Mamarazzi

I confess....

I am completely exhausted after today!  Doing all I can to focus and blog so I can stay committed to blog post a day.  Today was Fun Day for my oldest son and all the 2nd graders at the park.  Camera stalking him and his friends in 86 degree weather that felt more like in the 90s (I despise warmth lol) took a toll!  Plus, do not have the horrid hot dogs from Sonic!  How I am not in bed, I do not know---oh yes I do because I am too hooked on blogging!

I confess....

When I vent, I will vent on the same subject for a while until it is out of my system!  I would vent about something right now, but it is pretty much out of my system.  

I confess...

My brain is tired.  I cannot think of anything else to say.  So, have a good night and pleasant dreams!

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